Saturday, August 9, 2008

Creative Chaos

It is so exciting to share my experiences with everyone. I wanted to find a way to let people know that with creativity comes real chaos. I think to be open to creativity one has to be open to chaos, and that can be pretty daunting. My latest creative endeavors are the gorgeous cupola fountain, ornament and tool caddy on display at the Iowa State fair right now!
With the vision of Country Gardens Magazine I was able to complete a project I have had rolling around in my mind for over two years! This will be on display in the Discovery Gardens at the Fair until August 17th.
When the issue is released next year I will let you know about the chaos I got to experience in bringing the concept to reality.

In my personal life we are cleaning today and going school shopping. I would rather be painting!

The latest fabric line Hollyhock Dolls and Garden Garments is due out in about two weeks so I am very excited! It is always so great to see the line develop from my canvas to the fabric. The follow up line to that is Irish Lace. It will still incorporates Daylilies, Hollyhocks and throws some shamrocks in there and a flower surprise! never seen before in fabric!
I am so excited I can hardly wait for it to print- patience... something I don't have but sense I will need today as we shop!

Remember go to the Iowa State Fair!

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