Monday, January 12, 2009

Winter is tough!

In this age where we are supposed to be inventing, staying positive and dreaming of the future- I feel like I am stuck under a cloche- without the benefit of warmth!

But I will say I am very excited to unveil our little contribution to Country Gardens Magazine Early Spring 2009!

When the Country Gardens Early Spring Edition comes out it is like a breath of fresh air. It is a little nudge toward Spring letting you know everything is really going to get warm again. You will not be in this tundra forever. Spring will come, plants and flowers will grow... you won't be able to leave work because of a blizzard and go take a nap with your two year old because why not? we are stuck in tundra anyway...

Ok maybe that is just me- but really we can soak up these moments because when Spring does finally pull back the curtain of white cold we will be so pumped we will keep moving, running, traveling, searching and discovering-and it won't stop until the cold blizzard grips us again to force us to be still.

Listen to the stillness of the snow falling, the sounds of the cars and snowblowers muffled, the birds off in the distance like a little promise that they will be there for us soon.

And in this quiet go get the Country Gardens Early Spring Edition from Fern Hill of course. Have a cup of coffee or tea and dream of what will be this season. What plants will bloom? What is the look I want for my home and my garden? At Fern Hill we are tearing it up! We are gearing up for Spring and resetting the whole shop! Barb Connor of Crosscreek Antiques has been nice (crazy;-)enough to help me move furniture and offer her creative talents so come in and see what chaos is all about!

Sunday, January 4, 2009


Now is the time to thank everyone who helped us make it to 2009! We have had such a great year designing new patterns, new fabrics and doing shows. I personally want to thank everybody for your interest in my designs and the encouragement to press on, keep it different, vibrant and exciting!

I am giving you a sneak peek at some gorgeous additions to my Hollyhock Dolls and Garden Garments Collection!
Coming first original quilt pattern. My friend Sue Penn is starting her own fabric company her designers have been hard at work and she will release Bluebird Dishes - and Watermark- Both are exciting new looks.

I am working on a very different look for SB Studios a line called Urban Squares with Camelot Cottons which will premiere in May 2009. I can't wait to share it with you!