Thursday, September 24, 2009

Out there in paper!

This is my new work for fabric ... Urban Art full of angst ridden writers, rain on the streets, graffiti and hope that is the creativity of youth in sidewalk chalk... The champagne on the table is to celebrate the final shoot for Outdoor Rooms Magazine- I survived - I still can't believe that- it was a good stress though and will be worth it when the mag comes out Spring 2010! Fabric however out there now- Order it -please... and put something out there!
Peace- Steph

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Debbie said...

I just came from the aqs show in paducah and I was totally impressed with your fabric. I live close and it is hare to find something new ther when you go every year. I bought some of your fabric and have some on order being sent to me. I truly love your fabric. I will watch your site for new stuff.