Thursday, September 22, 2011

Nitty Gritty

Liam added blue paint to my palette because he wanted to make it "look better"

AWESOME Rock Pillows designed by me and brought to reality by the so talented Megan Bracy!

The saga of the cool digs...

I am the Iron Goddess ;-)

She is looking good... all dressed up-

I want to put something out there that is real. It is not always pretty and wrapped up in brown paper packages.  Life is stressful, but I know I am blessed. My children are all healthy. My work is exhausting, but worth it. Sometimes when I am in the middle of a painting I feel like a ghost. I do the tasks that need to be done like make chicken noodle soup, clean most of the house, try to get the bird's nest out of the fireplace vent thingy, pick up Leemie bop from school, deal with college financial needs- but I float through it while I am painting so of course then I feel guilty about that. Like I'm sorry that I am not all there, that I am just a hologram. ;-)
I finally get to a place where I want to be and the rug is pulled out from under me. Don't ever give up. Demand more especially now and if you are truly an artist then buy art fabric. Art is just a common expression, a translation of emotion- whatever that emotion may be. But I believe in that. I believe in the expression of true hand done art- in our schools, for our children as well as our own spirits we owe it to ourselves not to settle. Support the translation in whatever language it may be written. Peace.

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