Sunday, September 21, 2008


This blog is personal- 
As I listen to the domino effect of our economy and the staggering obstacles we face in a global sense, I think of all of the people in this world. When I was young I considered myself to be so important, meaningful- now I look at things and think I am one of many- just a part of this existence. I feel like I can do nothing and anything at the same time- 
When I think of my life I think of paint. My first thoughts are colors- The colors I see are deep blues, violent reds -all brushed with a dark varnish to give them the serious discussion they deserve. I miss my brothers- I kiss my babies and I  delight in the friendship of my husband.
I will paint through these times- I will see the beauty and work like hell to help others see it.
As my daughters used to say- Peace out... 

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