Thursday, October 2, 2008

La di da, la di da 'tis autumn...

It is actually getting chilly. This will be an exciting autumn! We just finished the Arts and Crafts Show in Dyersville. It was so much fun! I want to thank everyone who stopped by the booth to get a look at the Fern Hill Hollyhock Dolls and Garden Garments Collection. I am still sewing away on the project sheet. It is so awesome! I can't wait to share it with all of you! But I must say all of my dear friends have finished projects already! So come in and get a sneak peek at the line. We will be featuring the line at the AQS Show in Des Moines, October 8-11. I can't wait for all of you to see it and feel it in person. I will have original artwork as well to show you exactly what happens when I design!
My birthday went by. My daughter had senior pictures...'tis autumn.

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simplyiowa said...

Oh my Darling!
You totally blow me away! You should have your own magazine!!! Your talents are unbelievable! Artwork, floral designs, interior design, repurposing architectural fragments, fabric designs,constrution worker,{your fabulous cottage, front page of Country Home Garden!}along with the many props that truly made the magazine so cool! Mother of 4, wife, daughter, sister, and friend to so many, and somehow you manage all of this every day!Did I mention you could be a model, and oh, a singer. I can understand why some people could be jealous, but above all of this , you are a kind and gentle caring woman with alot of soul.
Love your blog and web site!!!
Barb C