Saturday, January 15, 2011

It seems this is the month for Daydreaming. As soon as I get to work on something I start thinking about painting, quilt design and all that fun stuff.
I have developed Daydreams 2, cartes de couture (which are sewing cards) for the Camelot projects with the help of Home Ec in Iowa City, and printed a new pattern which will work for Daydreams 1 or 2. I really had some fun making a Wildwood quilt using metallic organza overlay and wools. So it has been a wonderful start to the new year.


simplyiowa said...

You are Amazing!!!
Barb C.

Linda said...

Steph, Thanks so much for sharing your talent. I lusted over the daylily, poppy, iris and sunflower at the Des Moines quilt show in Oct and found what I wanted at a quilt shop in southern Iowa over the weekend. I have a design in mind for a bed quilt using this huge, beautiful flower. I just hope that I can find the plain colors to make it work.

I find artist to be fasinating people who are constantly pushing the envelope. I find myself wanting to help them push.

Thanks so much for sharing your talent!!!

Linda Jo