Monday, February 21, 2011

Daydreams 2

Well I keep adding to the collection. This is it I promise. Thanks to everyone who was at Fern Hill Sunday. We had so much fun! Your support is so critical for future lines. Thank you!


Linda said...

Stephanie, my husband and I visited Fern Hill yesterday and I fell in love. I dropped a few coins, let's just say that much. I love that place. I really do. I have to go back and soon.

I picked up a couple more yards of the purple color wash to finish of the shams and the binding of the quilt that I am making and saw some of you wonderful new stuff. I can never get enough. Love the blue birds and that garden one witht he skelital tree. Too much fabric and not enough time.
Oh, I raved Fern Hill up on my blog ( It started out as a cooking blog at my second cousin's request and kind of migrated from there. I wrote for the local paper for one summer and the blog "acrossiowaandandmaybeabitbeyond" is a compolition of those pieces.

Again thanks for sharing your art!!


Stephanie Brandenburg said...

Thank you for the kind words and encouragement. I can't wait to hop on and check out your blog- Please send photos of all of the fun projects you make- I would love to see!